Deadsilent Productions

Deadsilent Productions is the pseudonym of Andrew J Stopper (me). I work in photography, graphic design, photo manipulation, and other various art styles. Every Post on this Tumblr Blog is of my Own Creation, and Posted with my 'logo.'
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"System Six Zero Three, glitch art; 2012/1/20 shoot, 2014/9/11 edit. Model: Amanda.

"Question of Commitment" Model: Nicolette Mori2013/12/19 shoot, 2014/9/8 Edit.

Corpse Pose III "Dreaming into a thousand little pieces of pink burning florescent light." Model: Nicolette Mori, 2013/12/19 shoot, 2014/9/8 Edit.

"The Forty Second Layer," manual Glitch Art, Photo Manipulation, and Photography. 2012/11/9. Model: Sunny A.

Model: Jane Summet; 4/19/2010. Untitled (2); Photography, Manipulation.

Model: Jane Summet4/19/2010. Untitled (1); Photography, Manipulation.